things that never were

things that never were and seem to have collapsed upon the glances that might have had them caught.


She told him he’s temperamental, so he got mad. He didn’t want to realize that there are things he can’t control.

As paper, somehow make art like these words to answer a cock that mind and mood employ, or words carved in the bark, its bark no less real than your hand. You will laugh three times before the question crows in subtle throats and passing escapes.


The exponential density has no memory, and the converse is also true.                


Dramatically, she jumps into the pool. Dramatically, he turns off the light. Dramatically, in the dark a cough reaches out like a hand in his throat, and clasps. Expecting a reason answers She was confused; Water cleanses. He doesn’t want it. The cough was because the throat tickled. Dramatically, she is wet. Dramatically, the door is shut.

January-May 1972