did. might have, mightn’t have. didn’t. mightn’t not have. who knows. stood beside himself. beat his wife. found an empty room. locked doors. had a bad dream. masturbated. went to the laboratory. wrote on walls. tore out his eyebrows. wore a low hat. shaved his legs. watched television. tried to grow a mustache. ate crackers in bed. drank beer. swam at the YMCA. swore off peanuts. put bandaids on mosquito bites. had cavities. tried to remove his tattoo with gasoline. used deoderant. opened canned prunes. took up golf, broke his thumb. introduced himself. slurred his words. bit his tongue. went on strike. was fired. took a correspondence course. got a sunburn. pissed all over his toilet. farted. tossed and turned. forgot his umbrella. called home. ran. hollered. overacted. was guilty. suffered. went on living.

June 1972

Paper Pudding, Spring 1973