I The hat comes off the head, but the feeling is not detachable. Now the dispassionate night air attempts to blow the hair. Follow. Do not follow. Assertions will be made, and you will know the difference. Its fix cannot be counterfit. II If you live in a building, then you can open a window. It helps if it is night. Then you can listen without the pressure of understanding; you can see it even though you close your eyes. Listen. It will leave you no reply. Dig a hole in the dirt anywhere. Gardens are good for this. So you will have the satisfaction of having contributed to the night when it comes. Don’t condescend. It will come of its own accord. There are other things you can do, but first realize what it is. You can’t always carry around with you a piece of night in a bag. It’s got to be nightime. Don’t look to see it in the daytime, for it will disappear.

23 May 1973