This is life—we are so demanded

This is life—we are so demanded. We say, “This is Wednesday”— it makes such a difference we know it by. “Everytime” we say when only specifics are repetitous only specific things happen & Everytime it happens we hear the song we sing we call it a song Only currencies are enough to make sense of it, we say and mean little more than the price of eggs, this little time to the next time and mean not less than following the time of closeness, that, that difference make most near. This is what it all boils down to: We have carrots in this stew. Onions too but they are not whole: They are dissolved in the gravy. But too many turnips. These staples and many other things We have a sense of pride life can’t be all bad and so demanded—I guess we do enjoy it, enough and name everytime, like somewhere lays in the gravy, and it is too much because it is all we see, and so demanded, we can see— we eat it all the same.

9 May 1973