Three Pieces for a Young Poet

* It is an absence it is raining, or we say, it is your business like how are you listening and what are you listening to? * See this obviously, this is what you see, when anything may be said you see what becomes of it you see what it becomes * one face one take, one mirror though how many may look or how many times it’s always one face because it’s telling you something See those pink wrinkles? and the blue wall makes all the difference.


Now there is something to need that he loves where is he— walking again, by the way at night lost between what it is and the trees, the trees standing for the night before the moon, and this is a dark road, of what is over him, the trees, what is here, that he loves, there being shadows what is it, where is she, who has a name, while the moon is just called moon, and she isn’t walking, she is in love


This is for you, for today I hear birds playing in the yard in the apple tree that is blooming, for my window is open, this morning, this as I remember, with your window open, the birds sitting on the lines, as yesterday there was only one yellow one, in a green field of blue flowers, and that one is for you.

28 March 1973