Driving home in this dark at night the fantasy that you were there waiting for me, darling, or Driving this fact home, that maybe the ache at the back of my head assaults me to a similar effect Oh, and in the dream of course Yes is the perfect response while all the images become aware Oh, of will and pleasure, surely open eyed, deer, fallow by nature the whole ecology of give and receive And now that this actual example abuses me for the express privilege of the silent, who take what they want And get what they fear, I’d rather not close my eyes in the dark It cannot be short anymore, better a time, a place, while my eyes stretch over a stark forever, and It is too much to bear take the first case, that I am alone, and now is a circle Couched in the familiar lie I lie with muttered sleepless breath caught in my nervous fist, or Couched in the lovely line I would lie with tongue to lyric lip love, caught like a sudden butterfly Thinking of you, that’s not all there is to do, but you alone loom like the feelings that keep me on the road Thinking of two, oh moon to my desire I told you so, it is not noon, or I cannot see

15 September 1973