Millet in the sun is engendered by a breeze with movement Will she open her door engendered by a knock while shadows move, blown back and forth by the breeze and birds fly back to the trees. Though she may be asleep will she open her eyes Standing in the sun he might be knocking at the wrong door while he listens for sounds within but hears only cars on the road and the chirping of birds Morning has not declared from across the field where cows clear their throats and breezes clear the air that she’s not there It may be a long time she may be gone while a long time sits in the flower pots by her door and the flowers bloom for the sun is shining and to show the color of April Will she open her door when maybe she doesn’t know that he’s standing alone with April and the sun shining and shadows are blown engendered by her silence When dogs begin to bark before he breaks his silence before he tires of birds chirping will she show herself while the flowers become roses because they need thorns though it is not their fault they may be sleeping when she opens her door they may be gone altogether

7 April 1973