Found Haiku


Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man. —Shakespeare

A Critical Haiku

There are Zen overtones to Bashō’s poems, but nothing doctrinaire. —G. L. Anderson

Two Haiku on Haiku

The basis of all Japanese verse, long or short, is syllable count. Also it should, at its best, make some metaphys- ical connection.. —G. L. Anderson

A Conversational Haiku

I think that writing conversational haiku influenced my verse. —Tom Sharp

A Collaborative Haiku

You mention the season. I’ll get the frog jumping into the water. —Phil Coturri, Tom Sharp

A Pornographic Haiku

In the fashion shop this dressless woman swinging her cigarette, pants. —Tom Sharp

An Easy Haiku

the fog the gray fur indistinction of my cat— home at last, wet grass —Tom Sharp

A Lover Haiku

toucher torturer; licker, kisser, conqueror; lover and leaver. —Tom Sharp

Verse Aspiring To Be Haiku

the rice is old the rice is old the rice is old —Tom Sharp

I long for a sign that says women this is me and for a sign from women —Tom Sharp

But no matter how real to us our talking about needing women was one walked in the room —Tom Sharp

You, I know, Mary now, merry. —Tom Sharp

My daughter had a monkey in a cage. Finally I said, Either the monkey goes or I go monkey. —Tom Sharp

You ask too much of me— not to give you all I have. —Tom Sharp

what goes on the table, here, the coffee shop, talk —Tom Sharp

Pattern in the Rug

the rug is black the rug is green the rug is gray —Tom Sharp

28 December 1974