having having being being

having made my bed having washed up having a sandwich having pet and fed my cats having come home and having a home to come home to my trailer in Cotati having gotten the book I lost in the mail to return it to a friend having driven here from Berkeley having picked up a hitchhiker in Petaluma on his way back to Washington not having slept in 36 hours, he said having come south to see a friend he didn’t find in Redwood City having stopped in a gateway off Lakeville highway to pee having taken my time which the six-axle diesels lined up behind me on Sears Point Road having started my car made silent by the inanimate road, animate car, this business of being alive having walked up and down Telegraph looking into restaurants for what I didn’t find having left the used bookstore having bought there more books than I could afford having driven there from Vallejo where I work having worked from nine to six with an hour off for having lunch having been to the library for a dozen books having time to lose two games of chess to Phil having driven to Vallejo on the road from Cotati a hundred times it being a new day having left at eight having eaten two peanut butter standwiches having gotten out of bed at seven and having woken up due to the alarm as I expected I got in bed and fell asleep

19 August 1974