hollywood hot breaths fur and flesh no fin dark tone, shimmering skin lips stick dark eyes beauty shop brunette Good for romance cocktail parties tight full length nylon lowlines


a shining housewife scandinavian beauty lying on velvet butterflies black fit and slim  twin comfortable peaks the weight of one hand resting the other arm held out come in honey


gipsy bead lamp shade, needlepoint gold sequined, living arms room elbow resting on an end table sun tan copper tone fan blown hair just enough shy but willing thin but provacative All the other lights off


A park out of focus None of the coyness were it a picnic firm, like skin under cold water That type of an erection elbows up behind the hair-do


pert, petite lips, pinto blonde the next thing blue eyes light blue night shirt too loose lines hiding the wedding finger, standing at the end of a bed before a wall of gingerbread bureau dark brown  thin skin


almost French, all-cotton white animal fur spread crotch as soft  lips as red rubber leaves, curly hair What do do but play like a kitten fawns on a string the strong and handsome ones Nothing is left to the imagination not terrariums but some kind of glass bubbles with reflections of brown doors  white windows, green leaves


imitation blonde waves, animal patterned pillows a way of arching the spine while lying on the slim back also blonde more like a cat domestic eyes shadowed Calmly awkward in the living room


a loose knit shawl. (Virginia Woolf said the brightest thing in the world for her is the sun seen through the leaves of a tree: Some reporter had to know) Nothing like the way this one bites the fingernail of her little finger Champagne glass grace breasts


wind blown amber defiant, not ridged a climber, mister, do you care


By the backyard waterfall leaves on the stagnant water Over a brick divider Magnolia leaves A body to walk in or to entertain


the pretension of innocence what the young don’t know, or want to or a baby left at the doorstep in a wicker basket weak red hair, freckles Quiet now but soon to be squealing with childish delight


pubescent beauty all clean lines, soft skin tones gold tan brown curves pushed down long straight hair, brown brushed a hundred times nightly leaning over backwards unable to fit in the mirror

31 August 1975