Dreams Can Come True

You are a dream come true, as when the dream becomes a memory of what you do to me. But am I dreaming when you avoid me? Am I dreaming when I feel your lips on mine, or when I look, and you are gone? You might be a dream come true, but dreams come true when they’re taken away by other men. * Dreams that come true are like rifles that shoot true. It depends on the dream as well as on the dreamer. A good dreamer with a good dream in his hands can be deadly, and truth is death itself. * Truth is death’s rehearsal. * A dream is life itself saying that all our orders are lies. A wise man has practical dreams for then he’s never disappointed. But a fool realizes that no man dreams what he decides to dream. Controling a dream is rehearsing death, he says, And he’s completely wrong. * The Devil’s a fact, And God’s a dream.

8 July 1975