The Soul Can Reach

I envy you. If you understand my love I envy you. For walking in the dark unharmed if unaware I envy you. I envy you more than the depth and breadth and height of the mountains ta-da ta-da. I envy you for having me to sweep you off your feet. I envy you because you’re the one whom I call in the night to beg of you the names of all the chinamen in china. I envy you and I’m jealous of the man who envies you. I envy you and I covet your body. I envy you for not being bound by the feelings I’m bound by. It would be pretentious to think you were, even though I want my arms around you. I envy you because the little woman who lives inside of you is drifting in a bark upon a sea, and the old man inside of me is not a russian jew.

5 July 1975