New York City

New York City smells like shit which makes one wonder why it doesn’t offend. Even the balcony on Madison Square Garden is covered with urine stains and beer bottles. And goddamn if that isn’t a bum picking the asshole of this place for something edible. It’s a wonderful place, New York. Full of bookstores and subways. Full of theaters and sidewalk cafes. It’s got skyscrapers, parks, restaurants and slums. Take the Staten Island Ferry. See the Museum of Modern Art. There’s always something happening in Greenwich Village. And there’s a punk-rock bar in the Bowery. Go see the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge in the East River. If I tried to list all the sights, I’d be at it all night. Yes, this city has some thrills, a few cheap ones and many expensive. I’d like to dismiss it all with a final piece of wit but how could I slight the place where so many people have lost their lives?

16 June 1979