with Preston Houser

CYNICALISM Cynicalists are cynical about

  1. The possibility of creating a movement
  2. the power and value of poetry itself
    corrollary: the value apparent in the power of poetry
  3. where we are living at the moment
    (the state of contemporary society)

RULE In the event where the issue might be confused by words, we take the vow of silence; that is, Strive for clarity. CYNICALIST POEM #1 A clipped toenail of moon* (* Astrological implications are thus implied) VARIATION 2: A clipped toenail of ecliptical moon THE VARIABLES We create a tradition one day and break it the next. THE DENIABLES DEVIATIONALIST POEM #1 Cynical fan-mail of some analytical buffoon DEVIATIONALIST POEM #2 From the gutters—our fan mail Thus we create poems only dogs and religious freaks can hear CYNICALIST POEM #2 Earn as much as $400 a week Semd a 15¢ stamp to: CMONA (Circular Mailing of North America) Chicago Division Box 464XAB Woodstock, IL 60098 THE DERRIVATIONALISMISTS —If it makes any noise when it hits the ground then it can’t be worth very much (Ed Dorn) Hello, La Jolla CYNICALIST POEM #3 It makes no difference #4 There are some good things on it. #5 Always vote for the winning candidate. DERRIVATIONALIST POEM #1 [after “Domina” by E. Pound] To my lady needs I send the best Only the wind’s song serves the behest of usura. DEVIATIONALIST POEM #3 In the Middle of the Field All the things that are my lady Pictures of a wet black cow.

18 March 1980, Berkeley