Wrong for Happiness

Conditions might be wrong for happiness when you feel it doesn’t do any good to talk about it. It’s not me, you say, although it hurts. The streets pass by, houses, yards, cars in driveways, and nothing changes like clichés in stony silence. It’s time to get moralistic as we approach our destination. You’re right. I already know. Accusations, self-incriminations, guilt, and anger are mixed up with avoidance and avoidance masked as kindness, and strength of character, feeling for others, wanting to do what’s right, difficult to deal with, and what’s our reward? Talking about it doesn’t make it go away, is your defense, and would push you to the edge, but I’ll tell you a secret: some pain is cleansing, not an evil, Although you already know. The trouble is, what pain to buy, and what to sell? What kind of life do you want, one trapped in bitterness, unable to go back to heal the wound? Let’s talk about it.

17 July 1986