Japanese verse cut from
“An American
Indian Model of the
Universe,” by Whorf

* the objective is all that is accessible to the senses, the uni- verse, both physical and historical, in fact the subjective is all we call future, BUT NOT MERELY THIS; it includes all that we call mental, all that exists in the HEART not only the heart of man, but the heart of plants, animals, and things behind and within all the forms of nature in the heart of nature in essence if not in exact form, but also all mentality, intellection, and emotion, the essence and the typical form in Hopian terms the subjective realm’s the realm of HOPE or HOPING tunátya ‘it is in the action of hoping, it hopes, it is hoped for, it thinks or is thought of with hope,’ it is the term for SUBJECTIVE. there is an all-encircling end and beginning of things where existence, it- self, swallows up the objective and subjective. In this Hopi view time disappears and space is altered, no longer the homogenous and in- stantaneous time- less space of our supposéd intuition of our classical mechanics

6 October 1974