What Music

What. What music. These days, I hear only. What did you say. I hear only echoes, only echoes, and the wind. In here. The wind, the wind. I. I hear the echoes, and the wind. What did you say. I don’t care, what, what you said. There are. There are echoes, in here, and wind, because I hear them. I hear them, hear them. I don’t care. I don’t care, what you said. Can’t. Can’t you see. I’m sitting here. I’m sitting here. And I don’t care, what you. What you said. Here. Here in this, lobby. In this lobby. I, I know. I know it’s a hotel. It’s a hotel, a hotel. I could, I could have, said, I could have, said that too. You sit here as long, as long as I have. Sit in here as long, as I have. Do it, do it as long, as I have, and you’ll know, what I mean. You’ll know. You’ll know it too. What I mean. You. You ask me what music. What music. You wouldn’t, ask me that, if, if you knew. If you knew, you wouldn’t, ask me that.

15 July 1974