The Parable of the Good Daimon

One shouldn’t feel good if you do wrong he says, but we ain’t perfect. How sometimes we do wrong and we don’t feel bad, or how if we shouldn’t sometimes we do anyway. The good daimon is known by its honesty. The bad daimon is known by its surety. What is the good daimon? What is the bad daimon? How do we feel what ain’t true but that helps us in ways we don’t understand at first and maybe never do. How it doesn’t seem to matter after all. The bad daimon is known by its weight. The good daimon is also known by its weight. That’s heavy. His grandmother died. He fell in love. He fell in love with the full moon and then he couldn’t sleep. After its month he almost died. he lost weight; he got weak. His wound made him bleed, but he had to go on loving himself anyway. He picked his scab, which felt good. It made him more aware of himself. Sometimes it’s good to be hurt. If the weight hurts that’s not the bad daimon. If it feels good then it ain’t but if it shouldn’t then that’s also the bad daimon. If the bad daimon is closed then the good daimon ain’t, and sometimes it hurts anyway because we ain’t perfect.

7 August 1973