Go to the house of the dumb. You will not be recognized. Don’t worry. That is not the point. You will not be disappointed. Go to the house of disgust. I know you don’t want to go. There it is all lies and confusion, or so seems its disguise. Go to the house of the deprived. Blight will accompany you. It is not a place of privilege, but it is a place. Go to the house of demand. I can give you no advice. Surely you will be abused, but you will not refuse it. Go to the house of the damned. They will greet you warmly. You will confess all your sins, but it will make no difference. Go to the house of deceit. You are wrong, but you will recognize it. It will not seem contrived. It will look you in the face. Go to the house of the demented. You think you’re different, so you’ll be mean and arrogant, but they won’t mind. It will not wait. You might be patient, but it will not wait. It will lie, lay you in the house of the dead, etcetera. Nothing good will come of it.

8 May 1973