“Objectivists” 1927-1934 Contents

A subtitle to any thesis on contemporary reputations might well be: How truth fares among us today.

— William Carlos Williams, “A Note on the Recent Work of James Joyce,” Selected Essays

In this struggle for details we were guided by a desire to reveal concretely as possible the very process of the revolution. In particular it was impossible not to try to make the most of the opportunity to paint history from the life.

— Leon Trotsky, The History of the Russian Revolution

— Louis Zukofsky, “Poem beginning ‘The’” attributed to Max Stirner

I think these days when there is so little to believe in—when the old loyalties—God, country, and the hope of Heaven—aren't very real, we are more dependent than we should be on our friends.

— William Carlos Williams, January: A Novelette

— Charles Reznikoff, Jerusalem the Golden

Friends are not made; they are recognized.

— Carl Rakosi, Ex Cranium, Night

— Ezra Pound, “Canto LXXXI”

— George Oppen, Discrete Series