Hohum and Teehee

Once, the primordial god and goddess Hohum and Teehee were the only things alive. Hohum was the god of the land, steep, rough, and dirty. Teehee the goddess of the sea, dangerous, deep, and uncontrolled. No creatures walked on the land, and none swam in the sea. Inevitably, they met, and their meeting was fruitful. They had many children, all kinds of creatures were they, and their children had children, hardly any true to their kinds. Today their descendants populate both land and sea. This is the creation myth of the Boowah of remote Bolivia. But it is more than a myth, since it informs their relationship with the animals of the rivers and jungles, even the parasites in their homes. All these they honor, since they are also children of Hohum and Teehee.