Fellowship of the Invisible Ones

“I have the sight,” Alice Naughtly told us. “Only a few people throughout history have seen the tiny presences, of the Invisible Ones, but I have.” Naughtly talks about a race of small, secretive, and invisible people who populate our woods and gardens. Half the size of Barbie and Ken dolls, these creatures are agile facilitators of the natural world, moving seeds and pollinating plants. “They have their own magic to defend themselves and to charm both birds and rats that they can ride and control without reins.” We asked Naughtly whether the Invisible Ones were related to the European fairy. She told us, “I’ve never seen a fairy so I wouldn’t know for sure, but didn’t fairies come from fairy tales? All I can say is the Invisible Ones are as real as you or me.” Whether they are real or an attractive fabrication, Ms. Naughtly has written a book about the Invisible Ones and leads a fellowship of believers who try to support and make friends with the tiny invisible creatures, dusting their hearths with flour before bed, and that kind of thing.