Isle of Might

The ruined stone church near Saint Bunniesmead on the small Isle of Might is now the site of a minor revival with some major revisions to accepted church doctrine. According to lay member Seamus McGinagain, “The old saints didn’t do too well, like here, as you can see. The roof is gone and so, too, are the windows and doors. Any wood that once furnished the place has been salvaged to keep people warm of the winters. So it’s about time for a new order.” This new order, reportedly, has few adherents, but they are united in tossing out the old saints and stripping the church of its dogmas, just as the ruined edifice near Saint Bunniesmead was stripped of its furnishings by bad weather and the poor.
 Returning to McGinagain, we asked whether they expected great things to happen. He said, “They just might.” Thus this mighty small new religion on the Isle of Might.