Ophanim of the Palm

There is a certain palm tree that grows near the Jordon River in the Valley of Ijoko in Nigeria. It was blessed by Doctor Joshua who performed many miracles and always helped people in need. The leaves and the bark of this palm, which is unlike any other palm, heal the sick, make men prolific, and women fertile. The gardeners who are responsible for this palm are known as angels, the Ophanim. In the first years, sufferers who had received blessings from this palm returned together and built a small church beside it, where there are always candles lit, hymns of praise being sung, and sacrifices of pork fat. The doctrine of this church is based on humility and kindness. No one deserves to be cured; no one asks for anything except for strength to help others. Over the years, people have expanded the church and paid for a pipe organ and a marimba with twelve octaves. There are always willing musicians, and faithful parishoners who pray loudly for others.