Improbable pile of creation

When the creator made this world, he put it on the back of a goat. He had created the goat and left it on one of his craft tables, which he had previously created. Under the table . . . well, the table wasn’t just hovering there. The table was on the deck of a boat, and the boat was floating in an ocean. This ocean wasn’t the first thing that the creator made because he had to put the ocean in some kind of a container. He had to make a big container and he had already created a bunch of stars that he kept in a big pitcher, so he took out the stars and hung them from the ceiling of his bathroom. The stars formed a container to hold the ocean. He had already made his own house, and nothing was previously hanging from the bathroom ceiling, so he just hung it there. I know this sounds improbable. It’s just more supportable than the idea that he created everything at once or that the world is hovering in a void.