Order of Splendor and Happiness

The Order of Splendor and Happiness teaches that all people will eventually accept the seven unities: the unity of living creatures the unity of nature the unity of faith the unity of food the unity of cleaning supplies the unity of the universe and the unity of unities. When all people accept these unities, splendor and happiness will pervade the cosmos. This faith originated in the thirteenth century during the Empire of Trebizond by the great teacher Früt at the Sumela Monastery in the Pontic Mountains of Turkey. Früt had not accepted orders, but was a janitor in training learning the practices of sanitation and garbage collection. Nevertheless, one dark February his duties had occupied him past midnight, and he was putting his supplies into a dark closet, when perhaps ammonia fumes overwhelmed him, and he heard a voice, a voice that distinctly said, “Behold. Out of darkness comes splendor. Out of misery comes happiness. Prepare thyself.” This began a process of penance and prayer that lasted thirteen years during which Früt never rose above his position as janitor, but that culminated in his writing a book that described his fears and hopes, whereupon he died. Thankfully, this book was preserved, copied, and handed down. Even though Früt titled his book The Joyous Promise of Splendor and Happiness from the Voice in the Janitor Closet, it has become known as the Book of Früt. According to those who have read it, if all people accept the seven unities, then all good things will eventually come; however, on this earth, when an individual accepts these unities, nothing really happens. The order is perpetuated by those for whom, as for Früt, eventual splendor and happiness is enough to get them from day to day.