Woo Movement

Members of the Woo Movement work to attain a migration of the soul to the heavenly realm, called Moowoo. Advocates, known as Dooyans, attempt this migration under the guidance of a master known as a Mooyan who leads a repetition of tailored chants typically containing the syllable “Woo.” Some regard this syllable as nonsense; however, others maintain that Woo is the path to divine love and eternal bliss. Moowoo, the heavenly realm, exists in another plane of reality, in which the soul is separate from the body but maintains full consciousness. Dooyans maintain that when their souls get to Moowoo a spirit fills them with pure bliss and they become totally unconcerned with how silly they look or how they sound. When either the Mooyan so directs or when the Dooyan becomes filled with bliss, the chanting stops and the soul returns to its somewhat dehydrated body.