We started by cloning sheep and dogs. Scientists who first cloned humans got in a lot of trouble. Eventually, people grew accustomed to the idea. It began as medical intervention where cells are cloned and used to grow healthy organs. We had already allowed inserting one woman’s DNA into another woman’s egg. Human reproductive cloning was not accepted until people accepted its practical advantages. Couples who cannot have their own kids, even same-sex couples, can benefit. Cloning doesn’t give anyone eternal life. The clone is much like an identical twin but usually can’t be raised as a coequal sibling because the donor is typically much older. Of course the temptation to improve the original was too great, and the practice went undetected at first. Cloning is guided by superficial as well as deep motives, but we cannot all follow one ideal of youthful beauty. Eventually, enhanced clones destroyed the world of sports as steroid usage almost had, allowing enhanced females to easy outcompete natural males, and the creation of enhanced armies threatened an arms race that was more disturbing to some than the threat of nuclear annihilation.