At an antique shop, Peter picked up a small wooden car. It vibrated in his hand. * Walking in the woods, Betty stared as the darkness seemed to assume a shape. * The filling in Joe’s left maxillary second molar abruptly spoke to him. The voice sounded like Cary Grant. * Billy found a plastic rifle in the alley and pointed it at a bird on the fence. When he pulled the trigger the rifle made no noise but the bird dropped dead. * Her TV would not budge from channel 11, and this was not her local station. * The young couple decided to pretend, in turn, to tell each other what they would tell themselves fifty years later if they could reach back in time. * Shaving in the morning something was strange. John used to have blue eyes; now they were brown. Then he found, whereas he had always been left-handed, his left hand was less adept at brushing his teeth than his right. * It turned out Ann had always been a perfect friend because she wasn’t human, at least not like us.