Chapter 4. Mudras

Añjali mudrā

Welcome. Good to see you here. Namaste.

Abhaya Mudrā

Don’t worry, it’s not just luck that protects you, but an invisible benevolent force that builds a catwalk with guardrails about you so you won’t fall into the abyss.

Bhūmisparśa Mudrā

Enlightenment is not a dream. No breath is unnoticed.

Dharmachakra Pravartana Mudrā

Every act has a consequence following the laws of the universe. Open your eyes!

Dhyāna Mudrā

When you begin to practice it may seem silly, but, eventually, it will not seem silly. You will become pleased; your thoughts will become clear; you will become aware and mindful. In the end, it all seems silly.

Varada Mudrā

You are here; you’ve been lucky. The earth is generous; the universe is generous. It may not be easy for you, but you are special.

Vitarka Mudrā

We will try to explain but will not do a great job unless you ask questions. A teacher knows he has done his job when his students no longer need him.

Karana Mudrā

We banish the demons and the false demons. We banish distractions and excuses. We banish ill feelings and feeling ill. After we boil away the water the salt is left.