Chapter 2. Petroglyphs

Cup and ring marks

The cup is a small depression chiseled into the rock surrounded by the etched concentric circles sometimes with a channel etched across the rings beginning or ending at the cup. These exist on exposed rocks throughout the world and their purpose or what they represent is entirely unknown. More or less like art, they were made for joy or for their beauty.


The spiral represents the path of each life. We all start at the center then spiral outward. Life never comes from nowhere and spirals inward.

Shadows of aliens

At Wadi Hammamat, the aliens have two arms and two legs but their heads are small balls on spindly necks, their hands hang under elbows like wet pasta, and their bodies are clothed in elongated triangles. Actually, these are not aliens but are projections of human beings in ordinary or ceremonial costumes, like all human art forms, depicted with artistic license.

The gods

The resemblance to the gods of powerful humanoids etched in rock by early Hopi, their costumes and weapons, one holding the sun shield, is not an accident. Among them, Kolopelli dances with his flute.

Bighorn sheep

In the southwest desert on the face of a rock bighorn sheep follow a path that we scratched into the black desert varnish a long time ago. The sheep were first, leading us to the spring, to life itself.

Reed boat at Wadi Hammamat

This boat is special with nineteen pairs of oars and a steersman whose long pole reaches deep into the past and guides them into eternity.