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Spectacles by Tom Sharp

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ISBN 0-931552-10-9

Spectacles is a full selection of Tom Sharp’s poems—sometimes blue, sometimes funny, always self-aware—from seven chapbooks previously published in limited editions. These poems are in the Imagist line and acknowledge their models, especially Williams and Creeley and Eigner . . . And the later poems, mediated through other poets, expand and get longer, stronger: at once clearer and more self-assured in seeing by saying . . . You’ll like looking through these glasses.
—Professor Albert Gelpi, Stanford University

Spectacles is finally here, fresh as a daisy and clear as a cloud in a calm lake . . . These poems are feeling-objects of just the right number of words, to keep essential intrigue while rendering plain as can be.
David Bromige, author of Desire and Tight Corners & What’s Around Them



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