We call for a morality that isn’t self-serving, one that doesn’t serve the people in power and that doesn’t reinforce the class system. This will be when the pope sells all church properties and establishes an order to secretly support artists, poets, dancers, prostitutes, and vagabonds. This will be when generals destroy their weapons, call for the resignations of all their officers, and disband their armies. This is when governments abolish the death penalty and repeal laws that punish the poor, the immigrant, women, and children. This will be when decisions take into account all delayed and hidden costs to the environment and to the health and happiness of people generally, not merely regarding the short-term goals of constituents or parties. This will be when municipalities and rural districts are rewarded for the intelligence of their youth and for the brilliance, helpfulness, and pervasiveness of their creativity. The pursuit of enlightenment must become the preferred substitute for religious devotion, nationalism, and commitment to ideology.