Failure of dialectics

I tried all the existing isms and found them guilty, not only of disagreeing with each other but doing so while accepting each other’s axioms. They are like arguing whether to turn a door handle clockwise or counterclockwise when neither opens the door. Materialism, realism, and mysticism are all the same. Romanticism revolts against classicism, but each is a parody of the other. They are closed systems within whose boundaries the artist can only stagnate. They teach artists nothing except how to parody each other. They fail to provide an artist with any fertile path of expression. Psychoanalysis never liberated artists from egotism or the unconscious, any more than science liberates artists from the invisible. An artist can agree or disagree with any of these false choices but never gets any closer to the truth. Synthesis never arises from the conflict between the thesis and antithesis if they both deny the essence of human existence, which should be an integration of imagination with our perceptions of reality.