Giorgio de Chirico - The Enigma of a Day It is the perpetual evening of misery. Follow a single shadow across the plain; the sun sets in the Black Sea. Don’t confuse yourself by picking two. The statue is the phantom, he stands still only to confuse you. In real life, he was the town’s mayor but here he is a reservoir of hatred. The hills that surround the town are burnt sienna turds; they are the origin of the town’s sausage, renown throughout the world. This place is not titillating; no couple makes love here except when feverish and subject to an unhealthy fear of dying. Instead, deep in the shadows, under the arches, an onanist waits until he is sure to be alone. After he is done, the onanist finds a terra cotta urn in the shed. He does his business in the urn and stores it safely inside on a shelf. This is actually the municipal sewage treatment plant named after the former mayor. His name would be on the buildings except that the current mayor won’t pay for the sign.