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Maria’s Saturday Night Home Pot Luck

Dylan & the Band Louis Simpson Jeannine’s brandy toilet paper pillow chocolate cheesecake by Maria telephone by KGO Grace says she likes me the feeling is mutual and we’ll never mention it again she says smiling but maybe tomorrow I’ll ask her if she wants to mention it again or was it the wine? And was the wine the truth? And what does her fiance have to do with it? bedroom hammock juicy oranges tipsy landlady offers wine it’s fine to say yeh me too & enjoy each other’s being attractive eat good food talk about poetry & do what everyone wants to do Joe at the chessboard by the fireplace with a friend listens to Carl play his guitar beautifully Those are the ten-dollar beeswax candles burning so we light the lantern instead, for effect Gertruide Stein read by me Suzy Asado or Ed Dorn or Creeley & Phil Whalen in the room Paul teases me about my posture Jeannine tells everyone how neat we are Diane is up in her room reading there she is Eric & Stacy leave early Grace washes & I dry

Semaphores: 8-H-Execute; 9-I; 0-J