Chapter 11. Sikh


A Sikh temple, called a gurdwara or “door to the guru,” has no idol, statue, or religious icon. Instead, their scriptures are displayed on a central raised throne under a canopy. This book is treated like a living person, a guru, and is carried each night with prayers and chants to its bedroom to rest for the night. * All Sikh temples have a langar, a community-run kitchen and hall called the darbar where free vegetarian food is served to anyone of any faith. * Gurdwara have entrances on all four sides to welcome people of all faiths.

Golden temple

The golden sanctum, connected by a causeway, is at the center of a sacred pool. Around the pool are museums, shrines, administrative offices, the langar, historic jujube trees, and two watch towers. This temple has been rebuilt many times after wars and persecutions. The second floor, the roof and dome, and the interior of the sanctum today are gilded with gold foil. They call this temple the “abode of God” or the “exalted court.”