About this book

Long before machines mined that gold— we were fully immersed in that soulful water & breathing the dissolved light of stars . . .

For the mind of stars reflects in each atom as we drink the water of many dimensions, blind at first, to this gold that creates our book.

The author

Bill Vartnaw, self portrait

Bill Vartnaw, Sonoma County Poet Laureate Emeritus (2012-13), was born and raised in Petaluma, California. He is presently Director of the Petaluma Poetry Walk, having followed its founder Geri Digiorno. He’s publisher of Taurean Horn Press, an independent poetry press started in San Francisco in 1974, which has published over 20 books. Other books are in the works. He is author of two books of poetry, In Concern: for Angels (Taurean Horn Press, 1984), Suburbs of my Childhood (Beatitude Press, 2009), & 3 chapbooks. Another book, The Wamba Poems, a series of poems from 1976, is again in pre-publication, this time with Meridien PressWorks in San Francisco.

Some of the poems in this book have been previously published in these magazines or websites: Out of Our, http://www.metaformia.org/poetry/, Tule Review, San Francisco Public Library Poem of the Day, 15 May 2020, The City Is Already Talking. Bill would like to thank all the publishers of these works.