Chapter 11. Worrying

Worry gene

I didn’t get the worry gene from my mother. She would worry about everything, but she was quiet about it. She didn’t try to make me feel guilty. Now there’s no hope for me to pass it on to my children.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that worrying is an exaggeration of thinking things through, considering benefits and risks, that is, proactive cognitive risk analysis; however, if you have been apprehensive or anxious for more than a week or find yourself going over and over the same considerations uncontrollably, then you should get yourself checked out by a philosopher or professional— religious or psychological.

No need to worry

There’s no need to worry about thieves if you close your windows and lock your doors. I know that I’ve been lucky; I feel no need to lecture others. Although bad things have happened, I knew that worrying wouldn’t have helped. Being among the privileged gives me little cause to complain.

God bless the child

It’s not funny when a child has to worry. Abraham had to worry, and Job had to worry. But nowhere in the Bible does a child have to worry. Suffer all you want, but God bless the child.

Worry doll

A Guatemalan worry doll is a gift from the sun god. This doll solves any problem. You just tell your worry to the little doll.