Volume 1. Chapter 2. Infinity


A point in chaos establishes a center. Now everything deviates from concentric circles like an egg that a point has fertilized.

Potential movement

Everything on earth, pulled toward the center, is given potential energy. Everything is constrained and waits for the moment when it can escape.

Natural and artificial

Passive and active. Static and dynamic. Dark and light. 
A natural form shows subtle differences between gray and gray. An artificial form wants you to feel comfortable with measurable values.


I begin in chaos. I am mythic, uncertain. I am in my natural state, primordial and undivided. There is no center and no perimeter but tension develops and gray becomes granular.


One more than another becomes lighter or darker so that everything becomes relative to an infinite gradation of black to white.

Tiers of choices

If you could chart raindrops, intricate patterns might emerge. Ripples on a lake, tree leaves twisting in a breeze, movements of sand on a shore, deflections of light in a storm exceed what the eye may see and the pen may ink. Tiers of choices lie between nature and the page.

Increase and decrease

Pianississimo Pianissimo Piano Mezzo-piano Mezzo-forte Forte Fortissimo Fortississimo