Volume 1. Chapter 17. Organic movement

Thematic development

Musical accompaniment supports melodies and harmonies even while it fights for dominance. An organic whole arises from unique elements at play with rhythms and textures.


A swimmer fights the water, a solid against the fluid, and will get nowhere unless he can use the water, unless the water becomes his support, his partner.


In the collision normalcy is broken. Drama releases demons and angels.


A living thing has the same structure in life as in death. Life supports the structure just as the structure supports the life.


Fine detail can obscure essentials; light can obscure the truth. Inside the body, hidden deficiencies and undiagnosed limitations can explain the uncharacteristic.


Bodies are motors made of muscle and bone. All life exists in motion— bodily mobility— with articulation— breathing, eating, fleeing, pursuing, or dissecting a corpse.


Lines that depart and circle back, lines that fade as memories, lines that join or separate souls begin and end connected.

Nile waters

Sacred waters float papyrus boats, flood fields, and water buffalo. Farmers turn water wheels. Water flows and the world turns.