Volume 1. Chapter 10. Theory


A geometric construction, as a process, may represent a process.
 An embryo dividing, soap bubbles combining, bees shaping honeycomb. Any work of art was not always a finished thing.


A chemist may take a chemical apart to discover what it is made of. An artist must take a work of art apart to discover how it was made.


A body is not only a form; it’s the manifestation of a history and a drive to move a spirit in a given direction to express itself, and so the work.

Knowledge and the means

Knowledge of nature, its principles and its process, must be combined with form and an ability to use them to open minds, to realize beauty, to share souls.

A line

A line can do many things after it leaves its point of origin. It defines a plane; it changes direction; it curves to and fro; it reaches; it circles; it returns. It is interrupted and it repeats. It has complete freedom in its small scope. It is an infant, a child, and our progenitor.

Chaos or order

The hand on the pencil that guides the line must choose between the god of chaos and the god of order.


Either the violin was made in the perfect shape to produce its sound, strings stretched taut across its resonant body; or we accepted the noise it produced as the perfect sound.