Volume 2. Chapter 6. Proportions


Creativity is a form of matter. Like vibrations of ordinary matter, it can’t be seen. It’s the life force that imbues and empowers us. Without it, we would not be living. Without it, our work would be useless.


We see what we know and in knowing see deeply into interiors. With all we share and all we infer, the other becomes us. We resonate with all from our immanences to their immanences. Therefore, to create we start with immanence and grow excrescences.

Broken resonances

You can tell when it doesn’t work. Nonsense, monsters, still-borns, flimsy stage fronts without interiors, anomalies, props out of place, useless organs, dead seeds.


A living work will have a rhythm of parts, a guide for articulating which is also the result of articulating,. It will have a persistent character like a river course that begins with imperceptible drops but gather as a rivulet, curves through a gentle valley, then rages through a steep ravine. This river course ends in a lake or sea where it resumes being imperceptible.


Direct contrasts create tension. Large leaps and small obvious jumps, vigor. Small indirect contrasts enrich and relax. Proportions of parts create movement between concentration and extension.


Forces create patterns in nature. Figure out how that works, how the parts interlock and how they relate to the whole. Proportional movements disguise hidden differences. Complexity resolves in the perception of the unexpected.


The challenge is to fit a lengthy linear formation into a small rectangle. It would be easy for a musician or poet because we read their pictographs over time. The eye returns at the end of line and repeats. Like a magician, an invisible hand does the work.

Over time

A work of art that we can’t comprehend all at once turns space into time.

Geometric construction

Construct each stage using a rule based on its previous stage like a nautilus shell or Fibonacci sequence in three dimensions. Higher proportions evolve naturally from inevitable rules.


Enough wavelines become a surface that can move like water. Forms on two dimensions of a canvas becomes three to the eye.

Water cycle

A river empties into a lake or sea but its water continues and returns as gas, as rain or snow creating a magnetic or spiritual field that transcends geometry and structure viewed at a sufficient distance. Every articulation, however individualized, coalesces at larger vantages and matters less in itself.


Microscopes and telescopes show the individual, composed of multitudes, composes, with others, individuals.

Ancient waters

All waters are ancient, but these waters have lain underground for a millennium, where they have defied the nature of waters, which is to flow and to permeate.

Hidden structures

We want to see the hidden structures, the scaffolding of the microscopic and the structures of the cosmos. These creations expand life and art.

Gifts of an angel

An angel gave you your identity. You wait for him or her to bring you love or your life’s fulfillment, something maybe only you would appreciate.

In a cycle

Water cycle Circulation of the blood Birth and death She lay down, beautiful and fertile, blushing.


Rotate the queen of hearts, and she’s the same. For each act of giving, you should receive a giving act. In a working relationship, love is reciprocal and so is hate.


Maybe she’s only asleep. She’s shut her eyes and let her thoughts fade. Inside, her heart still beats.