Spices are from seeds, fruits, roots, and barks but not from stems, leaves, or flowers of plants, which are generally herbs. No spice is derived from an animal, only some perfumes (such as ambergris and musk). Saffron is the stigmas of crocus flowers. Cinnamon is the bark of cinnamon trees. Cloves are flower buds of a clove tree. Tumeric and ginger are roots. Cayenne pepper is a fruit of a capsicum. Mustard, black pepper, and nutmeg are seeds. Spices were used in the Middle Ages to balance the humors of particular foods. Nevertheless, spices have minimal medicinal value. Spices add flavor to food and drink, increase the attractiveness of dishes, and stimulate your digestive system and metabolism. No, spices don’t really preserve food or disguise the taste of spoiling meat. Spices, simply, add spice to life.