Grasses in the ferns

The wind and furry animals must bear the seeds over and aloft to our soft warm moist beds where they sprout and root. If the seeds of grass were spread by birds, why wouldn’t their gizzards grind them into paste? Aren’t they eating those seeds? Whatever. The blades come up under the ferns, and in between the flowers where they’re impossible to pull without collateral harm. Grass roots are the worst; they won’t let go of the topsoil; when I toss them into the compost, they keep all the dirt they need. And the roots that remain under the ferns, between the flowers, continue to grow.

My personal war against grass

I pull lawngrass, tufts of grass, grass blades growing from the ferns, and grass in the rock garden, but it’s hard to say if I’ve been winning my personal war against grass. Some people enjoy a lawn; I enjoy herbs, mosses, bushes, ferns, and flowers. I think if a person refuses to waste resources on grass, then grass ought to back off.