air star

An astronomical projection might become an emblem to encourage an ideal, a hope, for the dusky land on which we stand and the islands on our horizon, or make it seem more hopeless.

Composed By The Sea-Side, Near Calais

— by William Wordsworth

Fair Star of evening, Splendour of the west, Star of my Country!—on the horizon’s brink Thou hangest, stooping, as might seem, to sink On England’s bosom; yet well pleased to rest, Meanwhile, and be to her a glorious crest Conspicuous to the Nations. Thou, I think, Should’st be my Country’s emblem; and shouldst wink, Bright Star! with laughter on her banners, drest In thy fresh beauty. There! that dusky spot Beneath thee, that is England; there she lies. Blessings be on you both! one hope, one lot, One life, one glory!—I, with many a fear For my dear Country, many heartfelt sighs, Among men who do not love her, linger here.