ent fishing

Blessed are those who show how any rod and line, bait or fly, converts a river or stream into a holy sanctuary.

Written Upon a Blank Leaf in The Complete Angler.

— by William Wordsworth

While flowing rivers yield a blameless sport, Shall live the name of Walton: Sage benign! Whose pen, the mysteries of the rod and line Unfolding, did not fruitlessly exhort To reverend watching of each still report That Nature utters from her rural shrine. Meek, nobly versed in simple discipline, He found the longest summer day too short, To his loved pastime given by sedgy Lee, Or down the tempting maze of Shawford brook, Fairer than life itself, in this sweet Book, The cowslip-bank and shady willow-tree; And the fresh meads—where flowed, from every nook Of his full bosom, gladsome Piety!