Sing, another bird might be near, or a person, like me, may care. Sing against the storm. Sing against the silence. Sing when you can’t help it. Sing for beauty; sing for cheer.

Hark! ’tis the Thrush, undaunted, undeprest

— by William Wordsworth

Hark! ’tis the Thrush, undaunted, undeprest, By twilight premature of cloud and rain; Nor does that roaring wind deaden his strain Who carols thinking of his Love and nest, And seems, as more incited, still more blest. Thanks; thou hast snapped a fireside Prisoner’s chain, Exulting Warbler! eased a fretted brain, And in a moment charmed my cares to rest. Yes, I will forth, bold Bird! and front the blast, That we may sing together, if thou wilt, So loud, so clear, my Partner through life’s day, Mute in her nest love-chosen, if not love-built Like thine, shall gladden, as in seasons past, Thrilled by loose snatches of the social Lay.