English mounts are as noble and natural as mountains of myth and books. Mounts Helvellyn and Skiddaw rise as high and from them flow the cleanest brooks.

Pelion and Ossa flourish side by side

— by William Wordsworth

Pelion and Ossa flourish side by side, Together in immortal books enrolled: His ancient dower Olympus hath not sold; And that inspiring Hill, which “did divide Into two ample horns his forehead wide,” Shines with poetic radiance as of old; While not an English Mountain we behold By the celestial Muses glorified. Yet round our sea-girt shore they rise in crowds: What was the great Parnassus’ self to Thee, Mount Skiddaw? In his natural sovereignty Our British Hill is nobler far; he shrouds His double front among Atlantic clouds, And pours forth streams more sweet than Castaly.