ot passion

The sweetest flower is shy and lowly. It’s a quiet country cottage, a river winding through a valley. Heroism is as addictive as heroin, and as bitter.

Not Love, not War, nor the tumultuous swell

— by William Wordsworth

Not Love, not War, nor the tumultuous swell, Of civil conflict, nor the wrecks of change, Nor Duty struggling with afflictions strange— Not these alone inspire the tuneful shell; But where untroubled peace and concord dwell, There also is the Muse not loth to range, Watching the twilight smoke of cot or grange, Skyward ascending from a woody dell. Meek aspirations please her, lone endeavour, And sage content, and placid melancholy; She loves to gaze upon a crystal river— Diaphanous because it travels slowly; Soft is the music that would charm forever; The flower of sweetest smell is shy and lowly.